Darken Weather App Background

Hello everyone

I have really been enjoying the tidbyt device! Using the API and built in apps has been a lot of fun.

I noticed all the built in apps have black backgrounds except the weather app. Was this by design?

Can it be updated so it is black background as well?

Additional feature request:
+Moon when night time instead of sun
+light background daytime, dark background nighttime (toggle-able)
+Font color change option
+Font size option (perhaps larger High temp)

Thank you guys, this is a great piece of hardware!


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Hi James,

Happy to hear you like the device, and thank you for your kind words. =)

So the background shade is by design, and it varies between the different weather graphics. Most have a completely black background, but some come with e.g. that yellow shade you see on a sunny day. If this is a nuisance then we can definitely remove it or make it configurable. Do you find that the shade looks bad itself, or is it more that it’s inconsistent with the other apps?

Your feature requests are all great. I’ve added them to our backlog. We might end up doing a larger overhaul of the weather app at some point, and these ideas will be really helpful then.

As for the idea of displaying the moon at night, we actually already have the graphics ready to do so. I’ll take a look at implementing it as soon as possible, and will update this thread when I know more.

Thanks again!

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Awesome feedback mat! Thanks for that

I really like the cohesive design with the black background across the apps. It looks very appealing in dim environments as the content “floats” there. It doesn’t necessarily look bad, just noticeable compared to other apps

It’s only been sunny so I did not see that other weather conditions don’t display a shaded background. This makes sense that sunny may have lightened the background, for extra effect.

Proceed as you see fit :slight_smile: I’m eager for the future updates to come.


Minor update: The weather app should now show the moon instead of the sun at nighttime.

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