Custom app-controlled cycles/speed

There was a brainstorm in the General Discussion area regarding this. There was also a “Custom Display Times per app” post which didn’t have anything to do with the cycle speed.

Currently, you can set the app run time under Settings > Labs > App cycle speed. This is great for out-of-box mode.

Would be nice to be able to have an override in each app to be able to specify how many seconds/minutes/etc. the app should run. Some apps don’t need to run so long, while others do.

Perhaps a switch in each app that says, “Global Cycle Speed” <> “Custom Cycle Speed”, and when “Custom Cycle Speed” is selected, it would prompt for how much time the app should run.

I was going to open a new suggestion for this, but I think this fits here. If the above isn’t done, I suggest at the very minimum change the input on the App Cycle Speed parameter in the mobile app to utilize an input for number of seconds rather than the slider. It’s currently a bit too restricting, and there are several apps I want to display longer than the slider permits.

Ideally, the above suggestion is the way. We should be able to tweak this so we can specify a per-app display time so we can have everything displayed exactly as we want.