Custom app (and ``) not updating via cache

I have written a small sports headline app that has the exact same format to update every 4 hours, and so when I re render it each time and push it to the tidbyt it updates the headlines correctly, but then the app is stuck on the same three headlines the next day still.

The format of my code is the same format as the file, so as a sanity check I tried pushing the file as an install to my Tidbyt and it pushes fine, but the value does not update like it should either.

Not sure if anyone else is having this issue or if there is an entirely different issue. If i need to open an issue on Github too I can.


Are you rendering it, then pushing? To update, you need to re-render and re-push.

I did render and push it, but if I push it as an installation shouldn’t it update the value on it’s own from there?

To be clear each time I render and push once the value does update as expected. And it does update each time the value is pushed once.

I just saw our other comment about not using the installation id or background stuff. Then how do you have it cycle through with the other apps since pushing it without an installation Id only pushes it once.

No, unfortunately at this time it does not. It’s pretty well documented in this thread:

Right now, the way most of us are accomplishing this is via a shell script that runs from a cron job. The script would render the new .webp file and then push it to the device. It’s not ideal to have to manually refresh the application, but at this time it’s our only option.