Crypto tracker app not showing

the crypto tracker app isn’t showing today on my tidbyt.
I tried removing the applet, reconfiguring it, and saving it multiple times with various changes and still it won’t display.
I also tried power cycling the tidbyy. No joy.
Also tried removing and reinstalling the app (Android) and clearing cache and data with negative results.
All other applets seem to be displaying normally.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Kevin Traub
Update: It appears that the applet is not even running because no matter where I place it in the order it just jumps from the previous applet to the next tablet past the crypto tracker.

I have been having the same issue with Crypto Tracker for the last couple days. This is the tracker made by @Ethanfuerst.

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Has anyone heard anything on this? Still not working on my end.

Sorry, no. Nothing yet.

Mine isn’t working here either.

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