Creating a countdown timer

Our Tidbyt at home is in the living room, where everyone can see it, including our small kids.

I wanted to create a set of screens, to help the kids “stay on track” during the day. This usually mean counting down to when it’s time to leave for school, or time for bed etc. However, these are not “fixed” times, and don’t happen every day. So a custom app with built in time stamps is not an option.

I’d like to build a small app, that would push a “countdown” screen. This screen would not rotate away, until either dismissed or finished. This would require 2 changes to way installations work today.

  • Allow an installation to be “always on” (a simple, “last installation wins” reconciler can detrain what installation should win if multiple installations want to be always on)
  • Temporary installation ID. When a image is pushed, without an ID, a temp id is generated and returned by the api call. This can be used to still delete the (temporary) installation.

I’m sure some other techniques could be possible, but this would be great.

Some other ideas that can be done with these changes:

  • Downtime indicator. Keep the screen red while the site is down.
  • Recording light. Keep a “recording” sign on, while recording or live streaming
  • Tornado warning?
  • Live sport scores, while the match is on.

Happy to discuss further!