Create ‘Scenes’ for better scheduling

I think it would be more intuitive to use a Scene based system for scheduling different apps to run at different times and days. With the current app-by-app system for time scheduling, it’s clunky to sort out and visualize which apps belong on for the morning, during work, the weekend, night, or one or more of each.

With a Scenes system, we could just create more Scenes (as if we were setting up multiple Tidbyts), and schedule Scene 1 for the morning, Scene 2 for the evening, and so on. That would make it easier to see and edit the apps, as well as easily allowing an “off” scene without scheduling around it in every app.

Ideally, when you create a new Scene, you should be able to start from a carbon copy of a current scene. And when I add an app to my current Scene, it should ask if I’d also like to add it to any other Scenes.

I would also like to have this automated, ie if there is an event on my google calendar show xyz app(s) but if there is no event default to the current scene.

Also it would be nice to easily be able to display only one app with a click of a button

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