Conway's Game of Life

I coded Conway’s Game of Life for Tidbyt. I don’t have the hardware yet so I don’t know how well this works for real, but it’s good in emulator. It takes a few seconds to start as it pre-renders the frames.

Two versions: classic

…and a “pretty” version where cells change colors as they age and decay

Neither Starlark nor the Tidbyt modules provide a random number function(!) to seed cells so I cheat by fetching them from

Code is at


Hi @kay,

Thanks so much for putting this together, I love the pretty version! I’m pretty impressed with how few lines you needed for it as well.

I made one a while back that would try to play the game in between app cycles on the Tidbyt. So you could watch the game play out over the course of the day. It honestly became too complicated to ship and would need changes to a few of our internal systems to be able to support.

Generating a new game each time is just as fun, something we could support now, and overall feels like the better approach!

Love what your doing with the Tidbyt and can’t wait to see more! Let us know if you have any feedback - we’d love to hear it.

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