Contributing to stock apps (e.g. NYC Subway)


I’ve just ordered myself a Tidbyt after seeing one at a friends house, making use of the NYC Subway times app. I’m a software engineer as well so I was excited to see the Community Apps posts and guidelines.

I had a look through the currently published community apps and noticed that the NYC Subway app does not appear on the GitHub repository - presumably because it is a stock app written by Tidbyt engineers?

Is there any way I might be able to contribute to it? My friend was saying he was hoping for updates with a few improvements (e.g. being able to choose/filter which specific lines you are interested in, not just the station and direction) and I’ve been looking for a new weekend project, so would love to help and raise a PR and get this on my Tidbyt for when it arrives too!

The stock apps are not open sourced at the moment, but you could always write it from scratch with your preferred features :wink: Although that doesn’t sound so fun knowing that most of it is already written somewhere else.

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@par Hey! What do you guys think about open sourcing the NYC Subway app? I’d love to contribute and add some functionality that has been requested by folks here, but not keen to re-write the app just to make it customizable!