Connecting to Server - How Long Should it Take?

How long should it take (generally) to connect to Tidbyt’s server?

Seems like I don’t have any issues connecting to my office’s Wi-Fi (as I can pass that prompt in the app), but I keep getting stuck at the “Connecting to Tidbyt servers” screen. The Tidbyt itself goes between the Bluetooth loading screen and purple “connecting”.

It’s been about 10 mins so far.

Apple device at an office Wi-Fi

It should generally take less than a minute. We’ve added a Setup Issues section on our help site with troubleshooting steps here:

Would you mind taking a look and seeing if the steps there resolve this for you? Thanks!

No issues with connecting the one at my apartment.

This one is at an office building on the open Wi-Fi the company puts out.

Wi-Fi seems fine here at the office but can’t get past the loading to connect with Tidbyt servers.

Just saw that Tidbyt cannot connect to Wi-Fi without passwords (or at least couldn’t back in September). This is likely the issue as the Wi-Fi at my office does not require a password.

We actually added support for open Wi-Fi networks a few months ago, so that shouldn’t be the issue any more. I’m wondering if there might be some sort of firewall in place at the office network though, that keeps the Tidbyt from being able to reach our servers.

When you have a chance would you mind downloading and sending over the diagnostic data from your Tidbyt (instructions here: Download diagnostic data). That could help us narrow it down.