Connect via MAC address

I just received my device — exciting! for connecting it to my WiFi, I need access to the MAC address, but I’ve not been able to find a way to easily access this (it’s not printed on the device, not available through the app). I’ve seen this referenced as a connection method in various posts (and even a dev comment about possibly displaying it during setup), so what am I missing?

When I use the App and am at the stage of connecting to a WiFi network, it tells me the Tidbyt’s MAC address on the very bottom of my phone’s screen. Does yours not do that?

thanks for pointing that out — exactly what I was looking for (and not sure how I missed it). this doesn’t seem to be noted anywhere in the docs on connecting/setup and isn’t easily found via search, so it may help to have it noted more visibly. this is now resolved for me though — thanks!