Connect to multiple devices?

Is it possible to have two devices connected to the same tidbyt? We’d like to both be able to change what gets displayed, particularly for the messages app (sorry if this is obvious and/or has been asked before - we can’t figure it out and searched to no avail). Thanks!

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Yes @vickyyyyy. I have two devices, one phone and one tablet, connected to my Tidbyt. I think there is a caveat; you need the devices to be signed into the same account. :slightly_smiling_face:

This does work, but I had to do it through signing in with google and then it adds the entire google account onto the other persons phone. I was hoping you could just sign in via email, but when you do that the only option is to sign up, not in with an existing email.

Although my roommate was able to remove my google email from their phone and it did still stay signed into the Tiidbyt (not before syncing all of my contacts first though :expressionless: )

Hopefully there is an easier workaround though in the future.