Conditional fields for schema in Pixlet

I’d love to be able to set conditional fields in my app schema. For example, give users the ability to toggle features on and have fields appear to configure those features.

Have you checked out schema.Generated? It lets you add new config fields depending on what existing fields were set to.

I did check out that function, but the documentation says “User beware - this field is both not user friendly and our tooling likely has a fair number of bugs.” I indeed found some strange behavior while playing with it. It didn’t seem to consistently hide/display fields. I’m a bit hesitant to use a feature explicitly documented to have bugs.

I’ve used it in a few of my apps. sometimes the UI with pixlet serve was weird, but I haven’t had an issue when it is in deployment. If you want to avoid it, then you’d have to make a note in the name optional and then it just wouldn’t be used in the script code, but I think generated would be worth a shot