Color Key For Earthquake Map

Is there a key to the colored location markers on the earthquake map app?


it’s based on magnitude :

color_map = [
        "#00b5b8",  # Mag 0, Teal
        "#bf40bf",  # Mag 1, Purple
        "#08e8de",  # Mag 2, Light Blue
        "#0000ff",  # Mag 3, Blue
        "#00ff00",  # Mag 4, Green
        "#fff000",  # Mag 5, Yellow
        "#ffaa1d",  # Mag 6, Orange
        "#ff0000",  # Mag 7+, Red

Thanks Tavis. It’s a neat app.

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I just added this to see what the aftershocks in Turkey are looking like, sadly.

Any chance of this info finding it’s way into the app? I keep returning to this thread to check the magnitudes.

I’m not the author of the app but this might be doable. Where would you put the magnitude though ? Sometimes there are multiple quakes on the map.

Oh I just assumed you were the author! The colour key could just be in the phone app, for reference, and not displayed on the Tidbyt. I just keep forgetting which colour is which magnitude, so I have to go back to this thread every so often :smiley:

Sorry, this was just pointed out to me to check out. I will see what I can do for an in-app key. The solution doesn’t pop into my mind immediately but since I’ve spent all of 2 seconds thinking about it I will play around with potential solutions.

In the meantime, would it be helpful to put it into the app’s readme in my Git repository?

I also replicate the readme on my personal site:

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I have added the color code as an addendum before the app readme file on my personal website. The GitHub-flavored markdown doesn’t play nicely with color tags in HTML so I will just have it there before the README file is included rather than in the README itself.

Would this work, as a reference in the drop-down list for magnitudes? At least for now* till I have time to be more clever?

*Now being defined for values of the time to do a pull request and release into the community.

Yes this is absolutely sufficient! Thank you for the effort :slight_smile:

The PR is submitted!