College Football

Heard y’all like College Football? We are happy to announce that we just released our official NCAAF app. It shows real time scores and standings for your favorite teams in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision!

How do I get the CFB app on my Tidbyt?
The College Football app is available to all Tidbyt users through the mobile app. Search for College Football, pick your favorite team, and click Add to Tidbyt

Also, be sure to check out NCAAF Scores and NCAAF Standings by @cmarkham20 if you want to keep up with scores and standings for entire conferences at once


Any thought of adding FCS teams?


Rather than top teams scrolling on non-game days, how about upcoming schedule or prior results for that team?

How about adding an option to only show it on Saturdays?

Enabling the “game day only” switch in the app is what you’re looking for.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but both Saturdays now (game day) mine go offline. Am I doing something wrong?

That would be awesome!!

The app goes blank even on the “app catalogue” screen (to add new apps) on Saturdays only. But it displays scores perfectly for Thursday and Friday night games. Really disappointing.

Hey folks,

Thanks for reporting this. We are currently having some issues with the CFB app and we are looking into it. Hoping to have it resolved soon!

We just pushed out a fix for this. The underlying issue was that there were a few games that were canceled on Saturday (due to weather or the hurricane, I’m guessing), and there was a bug in our code that was triggered by canceled games.

We didn’t catch this bug during our initial testing because no games had been canceled at that point. Anyway, should be fixed now and moving forward.

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Can there be a way to show a conference or top 25 without having to select each team individually?

This app is great!

I have one feature request, and that is an option on non-game days to display the date and time of the next game instead of a scrolling top-25 list.

Otherwise it is exactly what I wanted!

@par This might be obvious and I’m sorry if so, but how do I figure out which side of the field a Yard Line given is? When it says my team has the ball on the 20, that means something very different if it is their own 20 or if they are entering the red zone. Not knowing which one is making this app far less useful for me.

I can’t get LSU to work. All the other teams I have tried it works fine, but when I select LSU its just a black screen.

Ever since FSU played Clemson, our background color behind the logo is now orange when it should be garnet. Not sure if any other teams colors got swapped by accident.

Same problem found any fix? (Every team works except LSU)

nope, still doesn’t work!