College Football app

Did Tidbyt discontinue the college football app? It shows as basically being broken on my app layout.


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I am having the same issue with the colleges football app. Is there any solution in the works?

If you have selected a specific team, then it will only show if that team has a game in the next 7 days. So as there are no games in the next 7 days, no data is being displayed.

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Yes, in most instances that would be the cast but not here. Here’s how the college football app currently appears in my layout:

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This is how mine looks too. I dont have any team selected, but still not working. LunchBox8484 is the creater I think, hoping they see this thread and weigh in.

Are we talking about “NCAAF Scores” ? I just added it and it looks ok to me

Everytime i add it, it never shows up on my tidbyt. It then causes the other apps to freeze, causing me to have to resart the tidbyt. I spoke to my friend about this and he is having the exact same issue. I have noticed this same issue with the yule log app too.

Maybe try a hard reset? An app shouldn’t cause the unit to freeze like that

Otherwise, I’d follow up with their support - [email protected]

Ive hard reset and then reinstalled all apps 3 times at this point. I appreciate the info, but i truly think this is a software issue not a hardware issue. Ill drop them a line and see whats up though

Different app. The one I’m referring to is/was called “NCAA Football” and was developed by Tidbyt.

I can’t see that app listed anywhere. The only Tidbyt developed sports apps I can find are Football, Baseball and Basketball

So maybe it is discontinued

That’s what I’m thinking as well, unfortunately, but was hoping to get some clarification here from someone who might know.