Clocks are frequently off by 20-30 minutes

It’s not 9:47. It’s 10:30. I can’t really trust any of the clock apps on here. Wondering why I’m off by seemingly arbitrary amounts of time? You’d think it would be off by timezone, if anything.

The problem runs deeper than I thought… My calendar events are off by arbitrary amounts of time.

For example… I have my Tidbyt sitting on a shelf directly above my monitor. I thought I’d be able to rely on it to alert me for when I have a meeting in say… 15 minutes.

The clock is off by random amounts of time and I’m not convinced it’s a consistent amount at all. None of the time based features can be trusted on my Tidbyt and I’d love to know why.

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Hi Tim. Really sorry about this, this does not seem right at all. I’ll take a look and see if I can tell remotely what is going on with the Tidbyt.


Thanks for taking a look. At first I thought it might be an issue with the basic clock app that’s available from your iPhone app… But I noticed the same problem with the weather/clock app as well. It’s frequently off at different amounts of time. Usually somewhere around 30-35 minutes. It’s different every time. For example, it could be off at a random amount of time like 13 minutes.

Actually, I take that back. Tonight my clock was off by ~50 minutes. It just makes no sense. No matter what clock app I use, I can’t trust my Tidbyt for the most basic function of keeping time.

I’ve confirmed my location and time zone and everything. On top of that, my Tidbyt is constantly losing connection and reconnecting. I even tried a new USB cable like was recommended. I want to love this product but I need to be able to trust my clocks and calendars.