Capital Bikeshare integration

I’m poised to receive my Tidbyt today (so stoked), but was surprised to see that Capital Bikeshare availability data wasn’t available … can it be provided? :heart: Cheers. (This is Washington DC’s Bikeshare network)

Unfortunately I’m not experienced with coding, but I think someone could repurpose the Bay Wheels app and sub in the CaBi API data (they both use data from Motivate which runs the programs)

I’m going try it out, but it could take me weeks since I have no idea what I’m doing haha.

If anyone who knows their way around this stuff can copy and paste the CaBi Motivate data and make a new DC Bikeshare app, I know me and this other anonymous person would greatly appreciate it!

Link to CaBi API data:

Wow great resource AZnet! Love this. Hopefully some can take this and whip-up something for CaBi.

Is it possible to roll this into an existing request?

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