Can’t Delete Apps

I recently moved cities and therefore wifi networks. I’ve had the same Tidbyt connected to the same phone the whole time. I also have a lot of apps on Tidbyt (probably over 50). I tried to reset my Tidbyt via the blue button on the back and “Set Up New Tidbyt” on the app. Every time I’ve tried that it just duplicates my apps and now there‘s so many apps I can’t seem to delete or add any as it loads so slowly. I’d like to just delete all apps and start fresh but I’m finding it incredibly hard to figure out how. I also don’t know if there are trade in’s for Tidbyt 2 when it releases but I’m just feeling very exhausted from trying different ways to delete my apps. If anyone is able to help it’s much appreciated!

That would be cool. pretty sure this version will be around for a bit. As for deleting the apps, which phone and OS is the Tidbyt app installed on? I presume you have removed the app from the phone completely and reinstalled? Does it still happen if you create a new tidbyt account? Are you using a 2.4 or 5Ghz network on your new configuration?

iPhone 12, iOS 17, Yes I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app. Can I create another account with my same email? And I have a 5G Network.

thx for the reply! did you also do it in the order as to reset the device?

  1. Unplug the USB cable on the back of the Tidbyt.
  2. Hold down the blue button the back.
  3. Plug the cable back in, while continuing to hold the button for 5 seconds.

is the issue it resets and then will not join? I asked about 2.4 / 5g as with comcast I had to bridge my gateway to use an extender to isolate the 5 from the 2g. is the tidbyt currently setup? when you remove an app from the phone, does the display update?

Yes,I can somewhat relate. I purchased primarily for work…which is part office, part home office. As you’ve experienced, unlike most devices, that’s not practical with this one unfortunately.
I hope you’re able to get it all reset for another go.