Can I try out the app before buying a device?

I want to use a tidbyt to use (among other things) the Q-line transit in Detroit. Is there a way to try setting up a virtual device to confirm I can do this before buying a unit?

Alternatively, does anyone know if Qline in Detroit is included in the Transit?

I dug around and I didn’t see anything for Qline/Detroit in Tidbyt’s own Transit app.

However, there is an app called TransSee that works with multiple agencies with DDOT included. Is Qline under their umbrella?

More info on that app I found is here:

Appreciate the response.

Unfortunately, Qline doesn’t feed TransSee. It DOES feed “transitapp” so there’s data out there on the interwebs, but don’t see a connection that would feed the data to a tidbyt.

Thanks for looking into it!