Can I make a private app?

I did a quick search here, but wasn’t able to find anything. But I apologise if I am asking an old question.

I got my Tidbyt today and got a few community apps setup and working. I was able to hack some code together and get an app working. But I don’t want this to be a public app, I am using it to show website sales info much like the Shopify app but from a custom backend.

Is it possible to get this app installed on just my own Tidbyt?

If not I guess I have two options,

  1. Setup a cron to push a new .webp to my device every 2 minutes
  2. Write a generic json parsing app that can display 3 or 4 json values and hope it would be worthy enough to publish.

Am I missing a third option?


I know this a low-quality reply, but… +1

I would love to use my Tidbyt in a variety of ways that I do not feel like sharing because they are only useful for me.

@nkcmr I ended up working on this today and made an app and just submitted it. ( I have no clue if it would work for your needs or not.

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Good idea although historically, apps that have a custom url inputted by the user, have not been approved by Tidbyt because of the change of abuse of their servers (eg. spamming other sites with their servers). Lets see if it’s approved.

Oh no… I hope I didn’t put all that work in for nothing!