Cache use causes error

Every time I attempt to integrate the cache sample from the bitcoin example my code fails to function as expected. Does anyone have another example for the use of cache to limit the pulls from an API that is not he bitcoin sample? Specifically I get an error about indent whenever I use the cache.get to compare the variable and see if we are empty or not.

I am wondering also if the cache feature does not work locally and I will need to get my device before I can test or if there is more to the process of using it in the pixlet serve on my Mac.

Thanks in advance

cache should work with pixlet serve. could set the seconds lower to check it is working.

Do you have any of your code available on GitHub to review and see where the issues are happening?

Also, have you made the fork/cloned the repo and installed go and make already? If so, maybe running make lint would clean up any inconsistencies before the build?