But Does it Run Doom?

Backed this little guy months ago and excited to see that it’s finally come to fruition! Don’t want to actually play the game but it tradition for everything with a brain in my home to run doom in some way shape or form. Can you post up the tech specs of the box? Is the push method bluetooth, wi-fi direct, cloud based? serial maybe?

Also feel free to beat me to the punch, I’m fully embroiled pushing hardware changes to our device for the fda, but when I need to not pull my hair out and take a break here and there, it’s nice to have a side project! :slight_smile:


I actually would love to see them run dune in tidbyt

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Hey @vee,

Would love to see Doom running on a Tidbyt :heart_eyes: . The way Tidbyt works today is we render really tiny WebP images server side and send them back to the device over MQTT. We do that every 30 seconds or so depending on how fast you’ve configured your apps to cycle.

The way you could access that is through our API or through pixlet to push images to the device. We’re using an ESP32 microcontroller through, so there’s only so many pushes it can handle before it really starts to have a hard time.

If you really wanted to be a purist and get it running directly on the hardware - you could flash the ESP32 with your own firmware, though there are some pretty massive gotchas. We haven’t locked the bootloader by design - we believe that folks should be able to do whatever they want with devices they bought. However, we haven’t yet provided a way to get our firmware back onto your Tidbyt . This isn’t by design, we simply havnt had the time just yet :smiley: . We also havn’t provided any form of base library or firmware so you don’t have to figure out our pinout. That’s something we’ve chatted about but havent come to a real conclusion on just yet.

Would love to hear your thoughts - let us know how we can best support you! Looking forward to seeing Doom running on your Tidbyt :heart: .


I’m working on it. Will update