Busy/OnAir light from Gcal

Especially during work from home, I’d love an integration that turned an on-air or busy sign vs available sign on/off based on meetings in my google calendar to fend off interruptions by my kids or spouse…

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Hey @narwhal, and welcome to the community.

I think Tidbyt’s Calendar app already does what you’re looking for. When a meeting is in progress, it’ll display the name of the meeting and how much time is remaining. The layout of this graphic is a little bit different from the “upcoming meeting” graphic, so as to provide a visual hint that something’s happening right now.

Here’s an example:


Very cool - does it integrate with other calendar providers (Outlook, etc.)?

I like the idea of “On Air”, “Mic Live”, “Camera On”, or “Recording”.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 12.12.08 AM

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