Busy Light / Status Light

How about a simple status light or busy light of sorts with a set of pre-programed messages or the ability to create your own message. An example could be … half of the screen is lit up in the desired color… Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, etc… and your message on the other side … On The Air, Busy, Conference Call, Reading, Studying, so forth and so on.

Oh this is such a cool idea! This would be awesome to set up like a “LIVE” notification for when I am streaming on Twitch!

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Yes, thats exactly the type of use im talking about. Im an amateur radio operator and for me, it would be good for when im on the Air participating in training nets.

It’d be very cool if it could integrate with your calendar (Outlook, Google, etc.) and show abbreviated details of next scheduled meeting, or show “busy” if your are currently in a scheduled meeting.


I think there is another post where someone suggested this interrogation and the Tidbyt folks explained the cost and process involved in doing this… not that they aren’t going to do it… but its apparently somewhat expensive and requires a modification to the software.

If I recall correctly, I think I was referring to integrating with Gmail. That’s an expensive thing that requires special certification from Google, etc. Sorry if I’m misremembering.

This kind of status light thing should be pretty straightforward though.

So this we already have for Google calendar. Still need to add Outlook/Microsoft, but here’s what it looks like when your next GCal event is coming up soon:

Then here’s what happens when the event is currently ongoing:

Also we have an app that lets you type custom messages. For example:


Anyway, @blueclearsky1587, is there something beyond this that you’re looking for?


Very cool! This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m currently at a Microsoft-based shop, so an Outlook integration would be very cool.


Hi, rohan… no, that pretty much sums it up, and yes it must have been your comments that i read on gmail integration. :slight_smile: I think the only other thing I was suggesting was the ability to have the entire screen go a solid color or a portion of of it. If a 1/4 of the left side went red, yellow, green, etc, and then your custom text to the right, and to have those colors remain solid, or pulse. The slow pulsing serving two functions, one being attention grabbing, the other being not burning out LED’s. I could very rudely draw out what im trying to say on a piece of paper for you if you would like :slight_smile:

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Like this or similar

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Along similar lines- Would it be possible to have it display the mic mute status fo the various video conferencing platforms? Or is that too far fetched…

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Can the other lights be color changed to have a contrast “background” color?

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This seems really similar to some other feature requests like the one I previously posted for Teams/Skype/Zoom integration (teams-skype-zoom-presence/429/2). Basically, I don’t care what my calendar says, I want presence integration to display my status from conferencing software.

For example, when I’m Away I want to display my Presence Status and Activity. This looks pretty simple to do with Microsoft Teams as they have tons of API and documentation available. Ideally, if we can get the Color of the Availability Status and the Activity of status displayed with a nice graphic it would be what I’m looking for:

availability - string collection
The base presence information for a user. Possible values are Available, AvailableIdle, Away, BeRightBack, Busy, BusyIdle, DoNotDisturb, Offline, PresenceUnknown|

activity - string collection
The supplemental information to a user’s availability. Possible values are Available, Away, BeRightBack, Busy, DoNotDisturb, InACall, InAConferenceCall, Inactive,InAMeeting, Offline, OffWork,OutOfOffice, PresenceUnknown,Presenting, UrgentInterruptionsOnly.|

I’d be willing to contribute to help write this. I’m not familiar yet with the Tidbyt API or system yet, but I’ve backed a few of the devices and excited to get the most use out of them!

API Resources for Microsoft Teams:

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Any updates on this one? Gcal integration is not even close to the same and doesn’t help fulfill this feature request.

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