Bus Stop for Transit app

Is there any way we can add a Bus stop to the transit app? would make this so much more useful for me as we use the bus more in town then the commuter rail.

Would also like to see this. I live in Portland and buses go to far more places than the light rails.


Yes, my friends and I in DC also want bus! Surely there could be some integration with an existing transit app or GTFS feed? :slight_smile:

In the Transit by Tidbyt app, I’m stuck in the Android version of the app trying to set a transit location for the widget to work. I can find the exact stop I need, but once selected from the auto-fill dropdown, I can’t hit a confirm to make it work, only the back arrow, which doesn’t set the location.

Anybody know how to set a station or bus stop (which does exist on Google?

+1 !

You could argue that this is a critical DEI feature — many of the areas in NYC that are poorly served by the subway are the same areas that have long been systematically disadvantaged. Bus usage is critical in these areas, and their schedules are all the more important!!

Same issue here in San Francisco. All the official transit app has are the BART stations, but I need bus or light rail to get around. Both those fall under SF Muni

Here’s the link to Muni’s API as of 2021