Blank Screen Night Mode

Although the current Night Mode already greatly lowers the brightness and just shows a clock, I would appreciate an option to just have the Tidbyt show a blank screen instead.

So a toggle for night mode to turn the clock on and off. I like my room really dark sorry :joy::joy::joy:

We have debated offering this as a built-in feature, with one concern being that it’s not clear if the Tidbyt is “off” or unplugged, broken, etc.

However, there is a community app called “Blackout” that you can install and schedule for whenever you like. All it does is completely blank out the screen.


It would be nice if this were a thing, last time I asked which has been over a year now the response was “Soon”

It might not be a feature for all but if I can’t figure out if my tidbyt is off or unplugged I’d say I have a few more problems than the tidbyt.

The problem I have is that mine is on the direct opposite wall from my TV. If I decide to sit down and watch a movie I don’t want to go through the process of scheduling an app to run to blackout the tidbyt. Night mode is ok, but using it in that fashion means I can’t use night mode for it’s intended purpose, instead I have it scheduled so that night more would only be off for a single minute during the day and I can toggle it back and forth without having to select a time. But still that’s a workaround.

As it is, for the past few months I simply turned the tidbyt around and faced the screen to the wall and forgot about it. I haven’t unboxed my other one that I purchased last year due to where it was intended on going would present the exact same problem with a TV in that room.

I’d pop a Display Off/On button right by the name of the tidbyt so it’s right there, first page I can quickly get in there and boom, it’s off. Even better if I had the option to set up a per tidbyt widget to control that without even accessing the app.

Either way it does seem like this is a needed feature because my alternative is just unplugging it and leaving it unplugged.

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I guess this might still qualify as a workaround, but I think it’s pretty close to what you’re asking for. Just install the Blackout app, and then long press to pin it when you want the display turned off, and then unpin it when you’re ready to turn the display back on. That should be the same number of taps as having a display on/off button in the app.

How about a toggle somewhere around here. Or anywhere really but in plain sight that tells the current status of the tidbyt ON/OFF. It would be amazing, it is a hassle to go through all of my apps and make a schedule for them to turn off at the same time when I don’t want nightmode. Nightmode is great but I like my bedroom dark at night, I have my tidbyt across from my bed so yeah it is still a bit bright. Almost like a night light. To have that feature would be a time saver

This is actually a stupid good idea. It’s not my company so I respect whatever decision the designers make, but man an On Off that you could maybe schedule would be so nice.

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