Best way to scroll "Text?"

Working on a simple app where I have 5 rows of info, 4 of which can be shown at a time due to the width of the screen. What’s the best way to go about “scrolling” through the rows? I looked into Marquees but those seem to only work with 1 concatenated string, and I don’t really know if it would flow correctly.

Here’s my pretty basic app, for anyone wanting context: GitHub - zeronullempty/tydbit_prayertime: Tidbyt app for Islamic prayer times.

I’d join the discord and ask i know a few people have made apps that do what your asking

One option you have is to use the Animation widget. You could have two up for 5 seconds, then the other three up for 5 seconds, back and forth. But the animation widget and the marquee widget work a little weird together so that may not work if these are also too long to fit on the screen on their own.

Or, thinking laterally: do you really need all 5, all day? I see that this is time-based – can you ignore the ones that have already passed and only show the next two or so? Do people need to know at 11PM that their first prayer was at 7AM?

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You make a good point. No need to show past timings… Hmmm.