Are you an NBA fan? Stay in the hoop with the newly released Basketball app that shows live scores on game day and conference standings throughout the week. Think this app is a slam dunk? Let us know in the comments below. :basketball:

How do I get Basketball on my Tidbyt?

The Basketball app is available to all users through the Tidbyt mobile app. Search for ‘Basketball’, configure your favorite team, and add it to your Tidbyt.

What sports are coming next?

Baseball covering the MLB is next up on our list. We have the team logos and colors ready and will be working on a baseball specific game day view in the coming weeks. Have thoughts about what you want to see on a Baseball app? Let us know in the comments below.


This is great! One small area for improvement is with the “Gameday only” display option. I think the concept of the “gameday” should stretch into the morning of the following day so that I can catch up on the score of the game in the morning. Similar to how the scores page on ESPN defaults to the previous day’s page of scores until around midday(ish). Besides for that, as a fan of a west coast team living on the east coast, some games played on the west coast also go over midnight Eastern time so it can disappear in the middle of the game.

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I would love this ported to the Fotmob app, but maybe with leagues instead of a particular team?!? I’m not a coder, so… Bueller? Bueller?

Absolutely loving this on my Tidbyt. Only comment is that with playoffs here, it’s not showing updated game scores. Instead it’s showing unplayed games as cancelled (i. e. Celtics are shown still playing the Nets, even though they swept that series😄). Not sure how these are updated, but this would be something to look into. Otherwise this is PERFECT for Tidbyt. Would like to see something similar for NHL

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As far as I can tell, every game shows as being canceled. I think the app is no longer syncing with SportsdataI0.

Loved this display, can we get a WNBA version as well?

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Co-sign on adding an option for the WNBA. Thanks!

Hi there, is anyone working on an NBA standings app? Would be great with the season starting. Thanks!