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First off, enjoying the Tidbyt so much that I have one in my office and at home.

For the Baseball Scores App by Tidbyt, I noticed a few things last night when seeing the Mets score. While the game is going on, they displayed the Rockies on top and the Mets below them. That should be switched because the Rockies were the home team. Home team should always be on the bottom. It gets confusing when you are used to seeing it that way on every other scoreboard. It’s especially confusing because the Tidbyt will say they are in the top of the inning but by looking at the Tidbyt, you’d think that was the Rockies were at bat because they are listed on top. Also when the app displays balls and strikes, it listed the strikes first and then the balls. I believe I saw a 2-3 count somewhere. Everywhere else on TV, ESPN etc they list balls first which is the correct way.

I apologize if this has been requested already. I did a quick search to see and didn’t find my question. Thank you again for this amazing product.

Believe it or not, that game was played in New York. The Mets were the home team, and the home team is always on the bottom. And if you saw a 2-3 count, that is what the API displays after a batter has struck out but before the count is cleared for the next batter. The count indeed is balls first, strikes second.

Looks like all of your requests are already what is, so yay!

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hahah wow I thought the Mets were away. I’m sorry I wasted everyones time! Thank you for the reply RELipsky.

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