Backup & Restore of a Tidbyt for Apps and Configuration

Today I discovered a major issue: After a factory reset it needs manual interaction to restore the devices apps.
Please provide a method to have a backup of the devices apps and settings and allow to restore these fully or partially (e.g. I don’t want my old Wifi Settings back after I had to factory reset the device for the change of this part - also see here: Changing WiFi Networks).

Yeah, this one is a rough one – Honestly it’s enough that it keeps me from recommending the Tidbyt (yet) to friends. I’m sure there’s something being worked on here, but changing wifi networks means you’ve got a good hour ahead of you each time rebuilding stuff, reorganizing apps, etc. And just to make things crazier, I even run a few custom applets which I have to install via command line :crazy_face: OOF


I have been able to back and restore firmware. Perhaps we could write a script to search and replace for oldWifi/password → newWifi/newPassword


Well I tried a search/replace with a tool called bbe. However the resulting binary file is now bigger than the original dump file and won’t fit into the 8MB of memory. Not to mention, since the new password is bigger then the old one, this new bin file is probably corrupted all to hell.
This would probably work if the old/new ssid and password were the same exact length but that seems unlikely to happen in the real world.

I truncated the file to proper size, flashed and it does not work.

It would require a firmware upgrade but if the app could allow you to input new ssid/password without a reset that would be ideal.

I think after the lastest firmware update, we finally have the stuff we need in place to solve this in a secure fashion. Will investigate.


Will this be an over the air update of the tidbyt firmware ?

The OTA update that I think is necessary has already happened. We just need to build out the backup/restore feature on our servers now.

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When exactly did the update happen ? I have a few tidbyts that are offline and wondering if they would have been updated or not.