Automating turning on/off Tidbyt


I have the Tidbyt plugged in all the time, but I am not in front of it all day. I set up a smart plug to turn it on at 5 pm and off at 11 pm.

Does anyone think this could be an issue with the Tidbyt? I assume it is okay but wanted to see if anyone has additional feedback on this type of routine.

You could just try night mode. In the day time the low light clock of night mode is barely visible.

just set it in the schedule i have mine to turn the clock on at 5.30am till 8.30am then all app’s are off so only thing on is the logo so would be great to be able to actually turn the thing off… COMPLETLY OFF, ONE WOULD THINK WHILST BUILDING IT THAT THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE WOULD LIKE THISD AS A STANDARD NOT A FEATURE, IT WOULD BE EMBARRASSING IF I WOULD CALL THAT A FEATURE

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