Apps that Last For Other Than 15 Seconds

I saw in the Sports App thread “Tidbyt has added the functionality for developers to bypass the 15 second automatic app switch, so all the apps will now have a Rotation Speed setting where you can set how long you want them to appear on the screen.” I don’t see in the forum however how this is done.

Can someone answer any of the following:
(1) How can app developers now change the amount of time the app is live on the screen?

(2) Can this (changing the app’s duration) be done for apps we add ourselves through the API as well?

(3) Can or will there be a way to make built-in apps last for different amounts of time? Some apps show static information for 15 seconds which is far longer than they need to be seen to communicate the information, and being able to change that time would be a wonderful customization feature.

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I can answer your first question:

You can’t specify how long the app is live on screen, but you can make the following settings in render.Root that will change the scroll speed, and allow the app to finish displaying all the text before it moves to the next app:

return render.Root(
     show_full_animation = True,
    delay = int(config.get("scroll", 45)), // Get the user's preference for scroll speed, 45 by default
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