Apple Music “Now Playing”

Similar to the Spotify app, but for Apple Music accounts.

I was going to look into making this, but you need an Apple Developer Program subscription. However, I’m assuming the Tidbyt devs have this since they have an app on the App Store. Hoping they can pull this off quickly. The API looks pretty straight forward to do this.

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I’d love this too, but apparently back in February they said Apple made it almost impossible to access the information necessary to make it happen, but if you can make it happen, that would be amazing!

Maybe w/ MusicKit?

MusicKit is part of the iOS SDK and not for non Apple devices. Apple Music does have a web interfaces you can access all of your music and play streams directly from a web browser.

I don’t think they have any publicly consumable web services, or I haven’t found any so far.

I stand corrected. I found two things that could accomplish this and more.

(1) Apple Developer Documentation

(2) Apple Developer Documentation

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Looks like it might be more a Tidbyt Apple Music player app that you play the music from would be needed for the Now Playing to be displayed via the Tidbyt would be required.

The site doesn’t have the same kind of feature as Spotify, where it knows & shows what is currently being played and where.

Or an API like Get Currently Playing Track | Spotify for Developers

As far as I can tell anyway.

Definitely something I wish to have.

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+1 - I would love this so much!!


Would love this too, but not just for Apple Music streaming, but also songs just played from the iTunes library.

Please!! This would be the main thing I use it for.

Bought a Tidbyt exclusively to see at a glance what song is playing on my HomePod. Very disappointed this isn’t possible.

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