App Update Requests

I just got my Tidbyt and I am loving it so far. It looks amazing and setup was super easy. I had a few requests on updates to apps that I think would be useful.

First, on Citibike it would be nice to have it scroll through multiple nearby locations when it is on screen so you can see which ones have bikes and which one don’t.

Second, it would be nice to have an option freeze the tidbyt on a single app such as sport scores or Sonos and not have it rotate through all of the apps. You could turn this on and off as needed.

Finally, on the stock ticker and crypto apps it would be great to select multiple currencies and multiple stocks so you can see them all at once. It would also be great to do stock indexes on the stock app.

I really wish mine was here I don’t know when it’ll come but I’m too anxious. Any updates on the delivery I’m in Texas if that matters

Just came here to say the same thing and see if anyone figured out a way to do this.

I’d also like a way to disable certain apps without having to completely removing them from the TidByt (and then having to set them up again from scratch when I want to add them back).

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