App Ranking


A lot of folks have been asking about how popular certain apps are and we’ve decided to publish the list :tada:


This ranking is determined by the number of devices that have a particular app installed. It does not take the number of installations into account. For example, the Stocks app is often installed multiple times to track different stocks, but that does not impact the rating since we’re only looking at the number of devices that have the Stocks app installed at least once.


  1. Weather by Tidbyt
  2. Clock by Tidbyt
  3. Stocks by Tidbyt
  4. Sunrise Sunset by Alan Fleming
  5. Baseball by Tidbyt
  6. Photo by Tidbyt
  7. Phase Of Moon by Alan Fleming
  8. Spotify by Tidbyt
  9. Cryptocurrency by Tidbyt
  10. Arcade Classics by Steve Otteson
  11. Day Night Map by Henry So, Jr.
  12. News by Tidbyt
  13. Google Calendar by Tidbyt
  14. Nyan Cat by Mack Ward
  15. Football by Tidbyt
  16. Messages by Tidbyt
  17. Weather Map by Felix Bruns
  18. Clock By Henry by Henry So, Jr.
  19. Digital Rain by Henry So, Jr.
  20. Fuzzy Clock by Max Timkovich
  21. Time Until by Tidbyt
  22. Big Clock by Joey Hoer
  23. Date Time Clock by Alex Miller/AmillionAir
  24. DVD Logo by Mack Ward
  25. Date Progress by possan
  26. NYC Subway by Tidbyt
  27. ESPN News by rs7q5
  28. World Clock by Elliot Bentley
  29. Crypto Tracker by Ethan Fuerst (@ethanfuerst)
  30. MLB Scores by cmarkham20
  31. PurpleAir by posburn
  32. Sonos by Tidbyt
  33. They Said So by Henry So, Jr.
  34. Flags by btjones
  35. NationalToday by rs7q5
  36. Basketball by Tidbyt
  37. Pokedex by Mack Ward
  38. Sports Standings by rs7q5
  39. JWST by Tidbyt
  40. Five Somewhere by grantmatheny
  41. WhosThatPokemon? by Nicole Brooks
  42. Formula 1 by AmillionAir
  43. Nixel Clock by Olly Stedall @saltedlolly
  44. Countdown Clock by CubsAaron
  45. Twitter by Tidbyt
  46. Fishbyt by vlauffer
  47. LaunchCountdown by Robert Ison
  48. Word Of The Day by greg-n
  49. Transit by Tidbyt
  50. Jokes JokeAPI by rs7q5
  51. US Yield Curve by Rob Kimball
  52. Near Earth Objs by noahcolvin
  53. Vertical Message by rs7q5
  54. Pet Pikachu by Kyle Stark
  55. NFL Scores by cmarkham20
  56. Reddit R-Place by funkfinger
  57. PowerBall by AmillionAir
  58. NHL Scores by cmarkham20
  59. Sports Scores by rs7q5
  60. Is It Christmas by Austin Fonacier
  61. Happy Hour by Nicole Brooks
  62. Strava by Rob Kimball
  63. Movie Quotes by Austin Fonacier
  64. Burger of the Day by Kyle Stark
  65. Bible VOTD by danrods
  66. Random Slackmoji by btjones
  67. HurricaneTracker by Robert Ison
  68. CitiBike by Tidbyt
  69. Twitter Follows by Nick Penree
  70. CoinGecko Price by Allen Schober (@aschober)
  71. Surflive by Rémi Carton
  72. Traffic by Rob Kimball
  73. SpotTheStation by Robert Ison
  74. Analog Clock by Chris Jones (@IPv6Freely)
  75. Test Patterns by harrisonpage
  76. YouTube by Tidbyt
  77. NOAA Buoy by tavdog
  78. WantedPoster by Robert Ison
  79. NBA Scores by cmarkham20
  80. Sports Rankings by Derek Holevinsky
  81. Duolingo by Olly Stedall @saltedlolly
  82. Washington Metro by Tidbyt
  83. Tempest Weather by Rohan Singh
  84. Shuffle Images by rs7q5
  85. USGS Earthquakes by Chris Silverberg
  86. Unsplash by zephyern
  87. DailyKanji by Robert Ison
  88. GitHub by Tidbyt
  89. DW Headline by bmdelaune
  90. Analog Time by rs7q5
  91. NYC Bus by samandmoore
  92. Binary Clock by LukiLeu
  93. Finevent by Rob Kimball
  94. NFT by nipterink
  95. MLB Leaders by rs7q5
  96. ISS Tracker by Chris Jones (@IPv6Freely)
  97. Steam by Jeremy Tavener
  98. BART by Tidbyt
  99. Goodservice by Sunny Ng
  100. Path Schedule by Todd Greenberg
  101. METAR by Alexander Valys
  102. NYC Ferry by Tidbyt
  103. National Pokedex by Lauren Kopac
  104. Surf Forecast by smith-kyle
  105. NHL Next Game by AKKanMan
  106. OH Highway Signs by noahcolvin
  107. Climate Clock by Rob Kimball
  108. LIRR by bralax
  109. Abstract Clock by AmillionAir
  110. Netatmo by danmcclain
  111. Verge Taglines by @joevgreathead
  112. BGG Hotness by Henry So, Jr.
  113. PagerDuty by Nick Penree
  114. FantasyNameGen by Ryan Allison
  115. SF Next Muni by Martin Strauss
  116. MLS Scores by cmarkham20
  117. MBTA by Marcus Better
  118. Promotions by Tidbyt
  119. Ambient Weather by Jon Maddox
  120. Reddit Images by Nicole Brooks
  121. Tidbyt Animation by Tidbyt
  122. Todoist by zephyern
  123. Life by dinosaursrarr
  124. State Flags by Robert Ison
  125. TransSee by [email protected]
  126. Todoist Next by Alisdair/Akeslo
  127. Precious Metals by threeio
  128. Tartan by dinosaursrarr
  129. NHL Live by Reed Arneson
  130. Destiny 2 Stats by brandontod97
  131. SBB Timetable by LukiLeu
  132. Mind The Gap by dinosaursrarr
  133. Sound Transit by Jon Janzen
  134. Dutch Fuzzy Clock by Remy Blok
  135. MN Light Rail by Alex Miller
  136. Bay Wheels by Martin Strauss
  137. MBTA New Trains by joshspicer
  138. AFL by andymcrae
  139. DigiByte Price by Olly Stedall @saltedlolly
  140. TV Quotes by rs7q5
  141. MoreTransit by gdcolella
  142. Islamic Prayer by Austin Fonacier
  143. Fairfax Connector by Austin Pearce
  144. Tube Status by dinosaursrarr
  145. Warframe Cycles by grantmatheny
  146. Shopify Chart by kcharwood
  147. Subreddit by Petros Fytilis
  148. Tube by dinosaursrarr
  149. HVV Departures by Felix Bruns
  150. IFPARank by cubsaaron
  151. FullyBinaryTime by dinosaursrarr
  152. OGS Games Viewer by Neal Wright
  153. CharlestownFerry by jblaker
  154. Nightscout by Jeremy Tavener
  155. London Bus Stop by dinosaursrarr
  156. Tindie Sales by Joey Castillo

Next Steps

This list is unfortunately static, and we’re investigating ways to provide these details in a way that updates over time.

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Perhaps in a Tidbyt app?


IDK who this Tidbyt guy is, but he’s got some pretty popular apps…


Stupid question, I’m sure, but at #92 on this list above, there’s a ‘Binary Clock’ app that I’m not seeing in the available plugin apps on my Tidbyt app…? Are these all in Github or ? How does one add a plugin app to the main Tidbyt app? Thanks!

If you search binary clock in the app it should show up. It did for me when I just checked.

Thanks, but it’s unclear to me how you ‘search’ ? When I turn on the app, there’s a “+” symbol to add additional plugins, but when I click on that, I get the “Spotlight” area which highlights a few app plugins, but not all, and there’s no search bar? How do I see all app plugins and/or how do I search the plugins ? Thanks

After you hit the “+” … in the row listing various categories there is a magnifying glass icon at the far left. Tap that and a search bar appears.

Thank you- found it! I appreciate the help. Now, one final question- if I wanted to start down the road of developing one of these plugins, which way would you point me? Thanks

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To the tidbyt/pixlet and tidbyt/community repos on GitHub. Here’s the link to the pixlet repo