App Organization and Profiles

Couple of ideas…

  1. There are so many different apps to choose from now, that looking through them (on the phone app) is annoying because it is just a loooong list of scrolling. I think it would be great to put them in categories (i.e. Sports, Clock and Calendar, Transit, Weather, Finance, etc)

  2. I think profiles would be great. Like if I am sitting down to watch a baseball game, I would love if I could have my TidByt just display sports scores, then when I am done, I can just put back on my default profile.


This is a great idea, I’d love to be able to set it to a single app to run through the length of a day or a game then go back to my regular app rotation.

I say this only having had my Tidbyt for 24 hours now. I love it thank you!