App lags, sticks

I’ve noticed the phone app itself has become very slow & lagging. Instances such as previews taking significant time to appear (loading circle), searches being very slow, requests taking 10+ seconds to take effect, and in my most recent instance of saving a change to a Tidbyt app, it froze the phone app for about 30 seconds before taking effect.

This was never the case when I first got the Tidbyt, nor for quite some time. But over the past month or two, the app has become quite slow.

Any advice, or is this a known situation?

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This is known to me and I posted same here: Can't install apps, is it that bad? maybe I need firmware upgrade?

There’s no solution sadly.

Luckily, for me, everything works. Just slowly. I can deal with that, since I don’t spend much time messing with the apps at this point.

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For me it works and then again randomly slows down or reverses my changes.

Same here - the app has been getting slower and slower.

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Taking a guess here, but the bottleneck might be because the previews in the app catalog are custom for each user?
e.g. it takes the date, time, location etc.

If it’s the case, maybe the previews should just be generic

That makes sense. It seems that the lagging started when the sports scores app became much more customizable. I can’t claim to know a thing about coding, but based on the new customizations, the nearly full layout of my apps became about 1000% more complicated with those new advances.

Hey all. Definitely aware of this issue. I believe it does have to do with previews.

A lot of apps have gotten a lot more graphically intense and more animated recently. Also I believe the average number of apps per Tidbyt is going up.

Many of the architectural decisions in the app were made when we had only a handful of apps and they were all much lighter. I’m revisiting those now and working on getting this fixed.

By the way, it’s a real stopgap solution, but we have a beta web interface available at that is usually faster if used from a desktop/laptop.