App Intervals

First, amazing job on the device. It looks beautiful :clap:

I saw a topic about App Rotation, so I thought I’d post my requests.

-Ability to set per app interval timer (i.e. one app for 5s, another for 2s, and so on, per app).

-Ability to “weight” the cycles. I.e. I want the clock to show 90% of the time, weather 5%, stocks 5%.

-Ability to show an app X times per hour. Sunset/Sunrise app is cool, but only want to see it 5x per hour, vs. once per cycle.

I second the variable timer per app. Some of the apps are very difficult to read (ie. the MLB and NFL league scoreboards) because they cycle through each game too fast.


Hi everyone! I am new to the Tidbyt community so bear with me and my silly questions here.

I love the app intervals feature request. Is this a feature developers in the Tidbyt community can contribute to? I know we can make our own apps, Im just not sure how much of the platforms source code is open-source.

For this one, likely this will be 100% Tidbyt, because it deals with variable load on their servers, which as an architect, I would want to control 100%. For instance, I wouldn’t want a developer to put a 100ms app timer in there and DDoS the Tidbyt platform because of a typo.

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The concern there is completely understandable. What about version control, unit / feature / integration testing, pull request approval? At the very least, I imagine submitting a pull request to be reviewed by Tidbyt engineers wouldn’t be the most far fetched thing in the world.

I just got mine and it’s great but planning my own intervals was the first thing I was surprised I couldn’t do. Scheduling is good but, I would love more control.


Just got mine and love it! Yes, scheduling app intervals would be super great!!


Another yes for customizing app intervals - one app I use needs more than 15 seconds to scroll through its entire text display. Love the LaunchCountdown app but critical info gets cut off and runs out of time to display at the current max of 15 seconds.

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