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Hey all,

I’m a software engineer who bought a Tidbyt partially to try to develop apps for it, but I have not had the time or motivation to get too far with any of my ideas. So I figured i’d drop my list of ideas here in case anyone wanted to try to implement them. I haven’t looked into how plausible each is, I just had the idea and jotted it down.

  1. Show deals on Amazon
  2. Show local garage sales
  3. Show when a movie you want to see becomes available on a streaming service you subscribe to
  4. Show when music is released by an artist you follow on Spotify
  5. Show local events (possibly via ticketmaster)
  6. Show steam sales
  7. Show clothes to wear based on weather
  8. Show nearby food trucks
  9. Show recent 911 calls in the area
  10. Show current Uber price to go to a select location
  11. Show movies playing at local theatres
  12. Show lists from Microsoft ToDo

Have at it!

Lots of good ones here! For the 911 one, are you talking about the dispatches? Surely the calls are private?

There is already a Birdbyt app that dsplays recent bird sightings near you via Cornell Labs eBird API. I have considered doing one for BirdWeather and using your personal token but it hasn’t made it to the top of the list of things I have time for yet.

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Yeah, this one was a bit out there. My parents found a website that would show them location and description of what was going on. I think it is a site hosted by the local authorities so there’s probably not even an API.

To answer your question, yes I believe it is the dispatches.

Here is the site: | CNY911

Did you post under the wrong topic? I don’t have any suggestions for bird related apps.

I think he’s suggesting that the BirdByt app is all you really need. Haha.

I am in multiple communities and I thought this was posted in the BirdWeather community. I have both a BirdWeather PUC and a TidByt. These 2 worlds collided :rofl:

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An app that would show nearby food trucks would be great!