App Idea: Netatmo Weather

I’m not a coder but I would love to see a Netatmo weather app for the Tidbyt. They have an API here:

Hey @saltedlolly, welcome to the Tidbyt community! @matslinawas looking at Netatmo and here’s what he said over on Kickstarter:

I took a quick look at the Netatmo API and it definitely looks like something useful can be built there. If there’s sufficient interest we’ll take a stab at it ourselves, and otherwise I bet someone else will hack it together using our API and SDK.


If you do Netamo, you need to do Tempest / Weatherflow also!

Tempest is already done actually!

Hi Rohan

I really like this weather app you have designed in your other thread linked above.

Any chance that weather app can be available on the tidbyt for everyone?

Thank you

I hadn’t considered that it could be a useful app without a personal weather station, but I guess it can totally work with any data source. Let me see what I can do!

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Very cool! To be honest, I didn’t realize the readings were from a device since that is the first time encountering it.

If you could source local conditions and expose the same data, would be neat to have as an alternative weather app.

Thanks Rohan

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I’d also love Netatmo integration. I have the weather station with the additional rain gauge and it would be great to see that data.