App for Sailing Wind Conditions and Tides based on zip?

Has anyone thought about making an app for sailing / wind conditions?

Thinking this would be awesome to be able to see the current tide/wind conditions for a particular zip

My two apps Noaa tides and Noaa Buoy can be used to display both tide and wind for a particular area.

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Agreed - I’d love to see an app with a 2 day wind speed line chart and an arrow directional overlay for each 6 hours.

@Tavis_Gustafson I’d draw something up if you’d be willing to take on such an app given the APIs that you currently have connected.

Are you talking 2 day forecast or historical data ?

Forecast would be amazing, if possible. Essentially just a rough view that would allow sailors to identify if winds are calm, moderate, or strong and from what direction.

If color coding was an option, this is the Beaufort wind scale that’s pretty popular with boating:

The API i pull from does not contain forecast data. It has only current and historical data. But NOAA probably has a forecast available somewhere. For sure the paid services like ikite/isail/weatherflow network has detailed forecasts. Is there a paid service you subscribe to ?

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