App for Jriver Media Center Pro?

Seriously thinking about getting a Tidbyt specifically to monitor my Jriver Media Center Pro software and have an app displaying what’s playing. Wondering if anyone’s made an app for that yet? I’ve a little bit of programming experience but at the moment I’m feeling like it’s over my head. Cheers & Thanks!

You can pick up the coding pretty quickly, it’s basically python light. There’s also tons of help on the discord channel for developers and there are tons of examples of already made apps on the GitHub community repo (anything not made by Tidbyt on the app store should have the code available on this repo). You’ll likely have to make your own app though. The comment to the forum you posted is correct, you’ll have to pull the url periodically and what not and then display the contents how you want.

Note you could play around making the app while you wait for your Tidbyt to get delivered!

edit: I did not read the dev stuff much, if at all. So that should be looked into.

Given that Media Center is running on a Windows server on prem, would this require me to be running an instance of Pixlet locally in order to poll the local server and then push to my Tidbyt? Seems to me that whatever app on my Tidbyt is pulling data from online rather than local data source?

yeah you would have to use the tidbyt api to push and this would not be an app that could be added to the community since it can’t pull data from a local source, you would have to post that data to some http request or something to do that. But Tidbyt also does not allow configurations for user-fed urls for security purposes (I think it is on their road map though).

but basically you could set up a cron job or something to grab the data from your local stuff, run pixlet render and then pixlet push. you can specify config inputs through the CLI if necessary when you render (i.e. config1=True). You would also push with an installation id to make sure it stays in your rotation.