App carousel - run an app for defined time, run next

I don’t know if this is already on the device or roadmap.

I would like the functionality to define a list of apps, each with a user set duration. The app runs for the duration then the next app starts.

There could be multiple lists defined that are scheduled when they would be active. You could have a morning list (weather, traffic, transportation), work day (weather, stocks, sports schedules, calendar), and an evening list (tv listings, etc.).

There was a device Tidbyt reminds me of called Chumby that had a similar functionality. It was a network connected display with user written apps. It all worked by using this list based system I am describing.

We have the ability already to schedule apps, so you could do this. However you have to go in and schedule every app individually.

Having a kind of “playlist” of apps that you could schedule together totally makes sense as power user functionality. Maybe we could even have the option to share these lists so other people can just get a useful set of apps all at once.


I really like the idea of a shared playlist. Sweet!

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