API Token Change

Last night my self-hosted app stopped working, and after looking at the logs I was able to determine that my API token had expired. Here’s the error I received:

data: {
 code: 16,
 message: 'invalid auth token: token is expired by 1h12m26s',
 details: []

I was able to replace it by going back to my Tidbyt iOS app and grabbing what was indeed a new token, but I wanted to ask if this is something we should expect to happen periodically? I didn’t see anything in the documentation about an expiration, and I hadn’t opened the Tidbyt iOS app recently or requested a new token. Thanks!

They originally somehow got set to expire after a year. They switched it to never expire, so you in theory shouldn’t have to worry about it…

Edit: this was a few months ago I think, so that change may or may not apply to you and you’re just now seeing it because it did expire.

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Thanks! It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the issue–I think I’ve had my Tidbyt around a year at this point.