API auth error when trying to publish image

Hey all,
I’m trying to send an image to my tidbt through the the api but am getting the follow response about a signing method.

{'code': 16, 'message': 'invalid auth token: signing method (alg) is unavailable.', 'details': []}

I believe I’m following the instructions in the thread linked below correctly, but am failing to understand what I’m doing wrong. See below for my full code, as well as a link to the repo.

Thanks much in advance for any advice!

def send_to_tidbyt(img, auth_key, device_id, background=False):
    """Updates Tidbyt screen

    See https://github.com/dansteingart/tidbytplotlib/blob/main/tidbytplotlib.py#L95-L110
    for reference implementation

    headers = {"Content-Type": "application/json", "Authorization": f"Bearer {auth_key}"}

    buffered = BytesIO()
    img.save(buffered, format="JPEG")
    img_bytes = base64.b64encode(buffered.getvalue())

    url = f"https://api.tidbyt.com/v0/devices/{device_id}/push"

    dd = {}
    dd["image"] = img_bytes.decode()
    dd["background"] = background

    payload = json.dumps(dd)
    response = requests.request("POST", url, data=payload, headers=headers)
    return response

Copying and pasting the key again from the app fixed the issue. I must have messed something up!

Got the image update working. Folks can reference the code here. Hope it helps!