Anyone? Hello?

So my Tidbyt is non-mission capable and I have tried many different ways to reach someone… anyone. Unfortunately all I have received is the cut and paste response that is nothing more than the “reboot your computer and modem” suggestion.


Three emails later. Still have crickets and a very expensive door stop.

Hi Patrick,

I’m sorry about the issues with your Tidbyt. I see the emails you sent this morning and the response from our support staff a few hours ago.

We aim to respond to support emails within a business day. I understand that you’re disappointed with the troubleshooting steps that our support team provided.

We’re always happy to provide a warranty replacement or process a refund if that’s what you prefer. Our support team can take care of that during business hours.

Hope that helps, sorry about the trouble.


Hey, thanks for the speedy reply. Yes, please have someone, anyone respond to any one of my emails and we can move forward.

Doesn’t work. Tried to get anyone who can fog a mirror with this company to do ANYTHING.

Expensive Doorstop for sale. Cheap.

I have read the so-called code of conduct and apologize for anyone who is sensitive enough to feel shock or disquiet over my vexation, but as soon as ANYONE FROM THE COMPANY can email, call, text, or respond to my requests, I will shut up.

This is a cry for help.

You should hear from support again next business day. Thanks!

Rohan is one of the founders, they really are an excellent company and stand behind their product. Give them time to respond. 24 hours for a response is totally normal.