Amusement Park Wait Times

Does anybody with more skill than I have any interest in an amusement park wait time app using the API at Theme Park Wait Times API

I definitely don’t know enough to do this, but finding it easy enough to get a JSON response, but having trouble parsing everything. I saw a post with some interest in this from over a year ago, but it didn’t look like it went anywhere.

Do you have thoughts on how you envision the selection for what to display and how to render it? I threw together a quick prototype with a static list of Cedar Fair parks that displays the first ride in the first land (see screenshot below). I was disappointed to find that in at least two parks the API you linked to provided no data whatsoever so I’m not sure why they even bothered putting them in their system:

I was going to hard code a park and ride, but ideally you’d pick a park and it could scroll ride/status indicator/wait time. Like Bumper Cars (red): 0 for your example?

Hey just an update that I didn’t forget about this. I’m pretty close to having a “version 1” of this app ready to go. The app color codes the waits: <=15=green, <=30=yellow, >30=red with the option to show the actual wait time next to ride names. You can also change the font and spacing between ride names.

Well I’m not sure if you lost interest in this project or not? In any case, version one of this app has been published to the Tidbyt app as “Theme Park Wait Times”.

This looks awesome, thanks! What are you using to get the images?

Those are actually the favicons from the respective parent company’s websites. I threw a few of the major ones in as a last second “nice to have” towards the end. That being said unless you or someone else has suggestions to improve the app I consider it a completed project.