Ambient Weather App by Jon Maddox

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to set the Ambient Weather App by Jon Maddox and am having trouble figuring out where to get the Application Key, API Key, and the Station ID.

There isn’t any documentation.

Thanks for any help!

You can learn more on how to set it up with it’s readme file here:

In order to set up Ambient Weather, you’ll need to gather a few things from your Ambient Weather account -

  1. Your Application Key
  2. Your API Key
  3. Your Station’s MAC address

You can create a new API key on your account page. If you haven’t already created one, an Application Key will be generated automatically for you.

You can find the MAC address of your station on your devices page.

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Working great here–thank you for this! I have been looking everywhere for an app for my AW weather station! LOVING IT!

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Got it working. Thanks for the help Jon.

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@maddox Just an aesthetics question…but is there any way you can make the display without the single-pixel border? My site name is just long enough that it cuts off that single pixel on the ‘t’ at the end! I know it’s petty, but I know that pixel is usable based on my other applications! :slight_smile:

Wonderful! I’ve been looking for an app to pull data from my Ambient weather station, thank you!

Any plans on adding the ability to choose which pieces of data from the station are shown? From your code, it looks like all of the major data points are there so maybe the the display switches between a series of chosen data points?

I’ve tried quite a few things to get this to work, but no joy. Ambient Weather is broadcasting my station, I have the API and Application keys, I copied those keys in, and triple + checked them (made sure that they were labeled, too, and I copied the MAC address under Devices from Ambient Weather in as well for Station ID. Just to double-check, I used my Wunderground station ID just to make sure if it wanted that instead of the MAC. My station broadcasts fine to Wunderground to PWS to everything except this app in TIDBYT. Does the Title have to be something special? I used the same label that I use in Ambient Weather, but maybe something else is need? Just out of ideas at this point. PS, I’ve rebooted router/APs as well. Anyway, any other ideas are welcome, thanks.

I too cannot get my Ambient weather station to show on my Tidbyt. Can some one share an example of what a workin g screen looks like? Feel free to bock off some numbers. I just want to make sure the data I using is the correct numeric length etc. Right now the application and API key are very long numbers.
Thank you.

@doutt, is it not displaying at all on your Tidbyt, or is it just displaying something unexpected?

If you haven’t already seen this, there might be something in the app’s readme that could help (including sample display output):

I don’t have an Ambient Weather Station to test myself, but I’d double check that I’ve copied/pasted the Application Key, API Key, and MAC Address correctly, and into the correct fields.

I imagine the Application Key and API Key in particular might be easy to mix up. They’re often very long as you mentioned. That link above describes where to grab everything from.

So, I know it’s 2 months later, but these are my settings. The keys aren’t readable, but you generate a key in the AW page/app, then copy-paste into the AW app in the Tidbyt. It did take me a couple of tries to generate the API key, but once it stuck I was good to go!