Alternative YouTube Applet

The default YouTube applet for Tidbyt did not have the detail I wanted, nor did they open source it, so here is an alternate version. Starlark does not support external files, libraries, string formatting, or most basic functionality so I wrote my own comma insertion function. I’m guessing Starlark’s limitations are why the standard YouTube applet doesn’t give exact numbers for channel stats. (1)

For string formatting, have you tried Pixlet’s humanize module?

Docs: pixlet/ at 2f606fe4181aff8d560036fb6049a6f13e17a518 · tidbyt/pixlet · GitHub
Example: pixlet/ at e56988c8a4f0500ae6c16e053d1046b01f0f62d3 · tidbyt/pixlet · GitHub

No matter what I try I get told…
starlark.ExecFile: cannot load invalid module:
it’s the only module I’ve had such problems with so far.

Ah I was working on 0.16.0, which doesn’t support humanize. Pixlet 0.17.0 was just released this past week does include humanize. So, at the time I wrote the applet, humanize wasn’t released yet, but is another option now. I’ve updated my github page to show both methods. Some devs may prefer having a singular function as opposed to loading a module for one op and also something that works for any version of Pixlet. Good to know humanize is a thing now though…albeit a terrible name for a module. :wink: