All day events not showing up in google calendar

The calendar app only shows events that have a start time, not full day events. Is this the intended behavior?

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The Google calendar app needs lots of work honestly. It’s hardly with using as is.


i agree. i just got this for my birthday and i it’s pretty cool. one of the biggest things i would use it for is the google calendar. missing ALL DAY events and missing other shared calendars is really killing it for me.

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Also, I’m not able to see events from other calendars associated to my account. Just the main one. We should be able to choose which ones to pull from. Are Tidbyt’s official apps open sourced? Can we contribute?

Same here. Got my Tidbyt as a Christmas gift and was excited to set it up in my kitchen so I could use the Google calendar app to see my days activities. The app shows up but shows no events scheduled. I have multiple calendars. I see others have the same problem. This app would be really useful to me. Is there a fix or is there one being worked on?

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